Monday, November 30, 2009

Children's Christmas

Now that Christmas is quickly approaching I think of my childhood more often.  The days of innocence and the tender belief in those mystical, yet amazing fairy tale creatures.  The days when Santa meant bringing gifts to all the good little boys and girls.  How mother's would gently remind their children that if you weren't good Santa wouldn't bring a sack full of goodies. 

Today  I finally discussed the reality of Santa with my 11 year old son.  He winced when I gave him an honest answer about Old Chris Kringle, but I could tell he already knew the truth.  I was saddened at his loss of innocence yet I welcomed the ease it would bring me as a parent with holiday shopping.  I wish he could have held on to those beliefs as I remember how fun it was believing in something so magical as a child. 

But as we talked about the myth of Santa we visited the idea that Santa is alive in all  of us.  His spirit is what keeps Christmas alive and what makes the season so much fun. 

Luckily, I still have  an 8 year old who is trying hard to still make sense of the whole Santa idea.  She wants to believe, but she is begining to question his amazing abilities and his never ending age.  She seems to be a bit more savvy than her brother and  a bit more realistic about what any one person is capable of doing.  I'm a bit saddened that she too will soon learn the truth about Santa and that her innocence will slowly drift away!

As a parent I revelled in my childrens love  of Christmas. It's the one time of year when I can really see a genuine smile and an overwhelming sense of happiness.  Nothing is more precious than watching your children thank Santa for all he has done. 

As the biggest day of the year grows closer I am reminded not just of my younger years of innocence but the importance of enjoying it for as long as it will last in my daughter.